John Varvatos USA Linen Jean Jacket

This ain’t your Uncle Ron’s jean jacket. This linen and cotton jean jacket from john Varvatos USA is sleek, slim, and modern. Use this coat to top off night apparel to wear to dinner, clubs, or events.It comes in a dark midnight blue to slide into slightly more formal social settings than your traditional denim jacket.

$300 @ Nordstrom

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Galaga Battle T-Shirt

In the 1980’s, Earth was beset by many waves of hostile aliens intent on conquest. One such war, known to some as GALAGA, occurred in brilliant color on arcade screens and home TV’s around the world. This t-shirt commemorates the bravery of the lone star fighter which took on the hordes of Galaga … Galagi… Galaxians? Well, you get the picture.

$22.50 from Crawl Space Studios @ Etsy

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Alcohol Definition Flask

90% of Etsy is stock products with cool slogans and designs printed on them. This flask from Tyler and Amy Fisk of Cookeville, TN is no exception. The thing is, this quote is brilliant. This is some Hemingway-quality bravado that everyone should remember next them they order in a restaurant. Do you really think most bad ass heroes really start out their night of crime fighting with a light nicoise?

$20 from Liquid Courage @ Etsy

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Google Nexus 7

Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet is the first such device from the Nexus series, and is set up to compete with smaller pads like the Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire and Blackberry Playbook. Nexus 7 runs the “Jelly Bean” build of Android, and features a 7-inch LED screen, a 1.3 GHz Quad-core Nvidia Tegra processor, NFC capability, Wifi, Gyroscope, and a pretty good onboard camera. Nexus 7 will be out in mid-July in the US, so preorder one now, early adopters.

$200-$250 @

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The Butler

Everyone has a place in their house to dump their essentials. The Butler lets you wall-mount your crap pile, including your keys, cell phone, wallet, and glasses all in one convenient location for thieves or in your morning funk. Place Butler by a wall outlet and charge your phone while its there. Pretty handy.

$170 from Micklish @ Etsy

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Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo’s latest handheld refresh is just around the corner, and this grown up brother to the popular 3DS will provide all the glasses-less 3D action with 90% larger viewing capacity and sturdier looking construction. Look to get this guy in the US next month.

$200 @

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MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Apple’s latest line of MacBooks are truly something to take a second look at. The MacBook Pro now comes with an available retina display, which is truly an amazing sight. The Pro has improved Intel processors and graphics and is one of the slickest, and most powerful laptops around for its size.

$2199 @ Apple Store

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I’m Flippin’ Awesome T-Shirt

Whether your flippin’ skills are best utilized in the making of burgers or pancakes, I want to come to your house  for dinner either way. This t-shirt advertises your mad skills and is available in this natural color. Unfortunately that means you’ll probably stain it with grease and ketchup. Hey, that’s okay. I’ll still come over.

$29.95 from Pamela Fugate Designs @ Etsy

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